Labor Less Day…

I will say this again…we did nothing all week end long. 
Oh…we did do these things…cancelled dinner reservations, postponed grocery shopping, put off laundry, did not clean gutters, did not do any trip prepping at all.
Oh…and we also put off getting paint for the bathroom, postponed choosing a new counter top for the kitchen and put off rescheduling dental appointments.
Laziness seemed to seep into our pores.  My husband woke up really early yesterday to tell me that he had fed Lucy and cleaned the bird’s cage and emptied the dishwasher.  Then he sat down and promptly fell asleep.  I also did not mail three ( now four ) packages that absolutely had to go in to the mail ASAP.  They are still sitting on my dining room table.  We also did not make a final decision about our roof…to roof or not to roof ( this year ) seems to be our big debate. 
So funny…
We did play games, read, nap, enjoy a yummy glass of wine and do some online shopping.
We grilled salmon.
I made a loaf of bread.
We got the dryer fixed.
Now…that has to count for something!!!
Unfortunately my Kindle is exploding with books…I just finished Fury…which was really different and really good.
And I just started Sweet Venom…which is really different and good.
This is a rainy Tuesday here…and I am about to settle down with my Kindle and a latte…and read and rest just a little bit more!!!
Did you have a lovely day yesterday?
I hope you did!!!

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