A Week Of Obsessions…

If you have not ever tried this chocolate…you really should.
It is pretty amazing.
I keep a bar to grate over the top of whipped milk in a latte.
Very yummy.
I am about to lose it over the chocolate covered almonds…a personal weakness of mine.
I am at this moment filling my cart.
Another obsession.
And tossing these in the cart, too.  I love virtual shopping.
Hmmm…are you obsessed with certain chocolates?

5 thoughts on “A Week Of Obsessions…

  1. Ti says:

    You are going to banish me from friendship when I tell you that I don't eat chocolate. I love chocoloate, but it makes me break-out in a huge way. Like a teenager at puberty. I cannot even have one sliver or it will be weeks and weeks of retinol therapy to clear-up my face. For some reason, only retinol works for me.


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