Not A Big Fan Of The Red Zone?

Today is the opening season for football…the kind of football that makes my husband crazed.  The kind of football where you can’t just sit and watch it…if you are my husband…you sort of have to comment and cheer and almost participate.
He is now enamored with something called the NFL Red Zone.
I pretty much do not get it.  To me it sounds as though a million different people are all commenting on a bunch of different games at the same time.  Plus…from what I can tell…the Red Zone moves from game to game to game all day long.
Who knew this was possible?
Certainly not me.
My husband does not get why I do not appreciate the Red Zone.  I tell him my view of it and he thinks I am…hmmm…not getting the point nor the true beauty that is the…
Red Zone.
I totally agree with him.
I do not get the Red Zone.
Thank goodness for iPADS, books, Kindles and laptops during football season.

5 thoughts on “Not A Big Fan Of The Red Zone?

  1. elisabeth@foodandthrift says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post, and the previous ones, as well, Patty!
    You are so original about expressing your thoughts, and sharing your likes and dislikes.
    As for favorite chocolate obsession, I used to love Dove chocolates, but it's been a long time now since I obsesseved over them…and to think Lora is having a giveaway on Dove (now, or in her next post)…did not get one piece of hers…I think they're baking chocolates, anyway!
    …as for IPads, and kindles, I don't have either of them, or I would never put them down


  2. Patty says:

    Ti said this…I prefer college football. We don't get the Red Zone, at least I don't think so. I like to have football on in the background…for some reason it's comforting to me. I don't want too much of it until it gets closer to SuperBowl and then I watch it just to know what's going on.

    And I accidentally deleted it on my iPAD…


  3. Fairday Morrow says:

    I completely agree- I just am not at all interested in football. I don't get what all the excitement is about! Luckily for me- my boyfriend loves tennis- which I can deal with most of the time. I actually like it, but sometimes when 6 hours of it are on in one day it is a bit much. 🙂


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