Waiting For These…Where Are You Mr. UPS Man?

This is definitely my style.  I love slouchy loose and comfy.  I am a magician at finding clothes from many different designers and shops that still fit this basic category.
I can do this style for at home comfy, going out day time comfy and I am a whiz at doing it for night time date time but still amazingly comfy.
If the tops are longer and more of a tunic length I add black tights.  If they are shorter I add black pants…the ones above.  In fact that outfit is mine and I have it in three different color combos but always black trousers…I must own a zillion black pants. Wide legged, narrow, wide and narrow…when I find pants that I love I buy more than one.  It is the perfect wardrobe for me.  It travels perfectly.  It washes perfectly.  It is perfect for Patty…that would be me.
I add an armful of bracelets or a trendy wrapped scarf or wedges or ballet flats or boots. 
People seem to love my style. 
I love my style.
My style is me.
The above look is from a brand called fluxus.
I bought one of those deals from a site called Daily Candy or it might have been on Pop Sugar.  I spent $40.00 to get $100.00 of clothes from fLuxus.
Trust me…I was ecstatic.
Now…I would love to know this about you.
How would you describe your personal style?

3 thoughts on “Waiting For These…Where Are You Mr. UPS Man?

  1. Patty says:

    I accidentally deleted all comments on my iPAD…but bermuda onion said this…
    I wish I had a style! I need someone to help me.
    She is so sweet and funny…and she does have style…


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