Organization To The Point Of Obsession?

Now why didn’t I think of this before?
If you have a Kindle 3 you most likely are familiar with the collections option on it.
You can arrange your books into collections of your choice.
And when you are finished with a book you can archive it and free up Kindle memory or  move it to another collection. 
I was putting all of my purchased Kindle books into collections that simply stated…TBR or TBR soon…and they were filled with books!!!
I could never find books that I wanted without an intense amount of searching.
This is one of those cases of me not realizing the obvious.
I archived all of my read books…my Kindle is so much faster now.
And Goodreads has such and amazing book tracker that I didn’t need to track them twice…and yet I was.
Now I am putting all of my unread Kindle books into genre collections.  I am just slap happy and patting myself on the back for this although I can’t believe I have not ever even thought of doing this before. 
Now when I want to choose a Kindled book to read I just go to my genre collections…so far I have Mystery, Literary Fiction, Paranormal that includes Vamps, Were’s, Angels and the feisty Fae.  I also have Dystopian and Fantasy collections…this makes me really too happy.
Do I need to get a life?
Should I add more genre’s?
Did I forget a genre?
 I am not a huge fan of memoir or nonfiction…so those are pretty much out for now.
My Kindle is so happy right now!!!  It is glowing!!!

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