Just Call Me Little Miss Trouble!!!

I do not have real human children.  I have one furkid.
I don’t think I noticed just quite how bad she can be…LucyGrace…until I stopped teaching and actually spent more time with her.
She is a purebred Tonkinese and breeders who breed this kind of cat say that they are forever like having a two year old child around.  I think that this is probably true.
If she does not immediately get my attention…she turns into a medium of destruction.
She is small but she will push, shove, bite and lately scream at the top of her kitty lungs…to get my attention.
She is not an outdoor kitty.
She has an enclosure on our deck.
I do not allow her to be out there alone.
So she will scream at me in order for both of us to go outside and sit on the deck.
I think she does not enjoy being out there alone.
Notice the top picture.  Lucy looks so innocent so sweet…so lovable…
She is out of control if she finds any of this packing stuff…she will eat it and die if I don’t grab it from her.  We cannot have anything in our home like dried flowers or that neat fake greenery.  If we ever had a fake Christmas tree…even the really amazing expensive kind…Lucy would destroy it and her.  I once had a snowman with a teeny bit of greenery.  I thought he would be safe on a way high up there shelf.
He died at the hands of LucyGrace.
So sad.
I love this cat.  She is amazing and funny and people oriented…we travel with her…she is so good in hotel rooms…but look at the evil look on her face in that photo.
I snatched that from her seconds later.  Whew!!!
Back to the screaming.  The vet is counseling us.  She asked what we do when Lucy screams.  We said run to her.
The vet says Lucy is smarter than we are.
Any odd habits that your beloved furkids display?

9 thoughts on “Just Call Me Little Miss Trouble!!!

  1. Ti says:

    My cat chewed plastic. I think I told you that.

    Chloe is my cat reincarnated. She's a pup, but she is just like my cat:

    She lies in the sun, in the same spot my cat did.

    She snags a piece of TP and pulls it off the roll and then drags it as far as she can. The cat did that too.

    She chews pencils if she knows I am busy. Cat did that.

    She knocks my book right out of my hand and then sits on me. Cat did that.

    See what I mean? The only way she is diff is when I come home. She ALWAYS runs to me, cat could have cared less.


  2. My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus says:

    Animals are smarter than we give them credit for. (I think they trick us into thinking they are dumb – its all part of thier evil plot to overtake the world LOL)

    We were married 9 years before we adopted children and during that time we have had some seriously spoiled dogs that get away with way too much and recieve more love and affection than most children. I see no problem with your LucyGrace – She is adorable and a VERY. LUCKY. CAT!


  3. Sarah says:

    My youngest cat has the nickname of 'junk food kitty'. We've learned that food stuff in plastic wrappers, ie. breads, candy, cookies and dog food samples, if left on the counter top or table at night, he will sample. He knows when we have popcorn, be it premade or popped at home, and will be begging for some like the dogs do. I like granola bars while I work, since they aren't really messy and easy to eat in the car. If I have a partial in my purse, he will rout around until he finds it. Same with food stuffs in ziploc bags.

    The same cat gets bored, and takes it out on the toilet paper. Digs at it, unrolling it and making it swiss cheese. Still largely useable, but holy. He's done this to practically new rolls, unrolling just about the entire thing. We got him in 2008, and I am only now able to put out toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. He's largely grown out of it, but when he got locked in with me once not long ago, he started to do it, telling me he wanted out.

    The same cat plays footsie under the doors. If there is something fabric he can snag on the other side, he starts to pull it out. He also used to be an ankle bitter. You'd walk by him, and he's seemingly be not caring, and once you turn away, he comes up behind you and bites your ankle. He's largely grown out of that too thankfully (I was his favorite target). He did that to everyone but the Weimariner, which was his special friend.


  4. Fairday Morrow says:

    Cute cat! I have a cat, Bill and he is a handful. I have to keep important items out of his reach or they become his play toys!

    I found you through Book Blogs and signed up to follow you. When you have a chance- please stop by and follow the blog for my middle grade novel that I am hoping to get published. http://thesecretdmsfilesoffairdaymorrow.blogspot.com/

    Take care-
    Jess- although I may show up as Fairday, the main character from my novel. I can't figure out why that happens sometimes and I can't fix it. 🙂


  5. June G says:

    Lucy needs a toy, quick! My fur baby knocks over everything with her tail. I've had to move so many cute glass decorations because they end up on the floor, broken. It's like she doesn't even know her tail is part of her body. She's totally oblivious. Duh!


  6. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-Lucy is so adorable, and so funny! I love to hear stories about her…she is like a little 2yr old tot!
    As you know my Maine Coon, black and white kitty… Prince, thinks he is a human. He constantly talks to me, with her cat language, waits by the door when I come home, begs me to give him people food lately, which is OK, as long as it's chicken or salmon…not spicy, that I can dice it in tiny pieces, and he actually eat the entire thing. He does not touch or destroy anything…never has, he is to prim and proper. As I'm writing now, I had to change seats because as soon as I got up to go to the kitchen he sat on my computer chair, and I had to switch chairs, with the chair next to me that he sits on while I'm on my computer. As I mentioned to you, he taps my hand to hold his sweet “paw”…so we're holding hands…LOL
    The other kitty, a little Calico Persian, is sweet, but aloof, and likes her privacy…does not like any kind of food, she turns her nose up on everything, but will eat, when she has no choice. She is also very good at not touching anything…when I'm on the phone, that's when she comes to me to pet her, to get her attention!
    Isn't it great to have furkids around to make life happier?
    I still can't get over how Miss little LucyGrace travels with you on your vacation…that is way too cool:DDD


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