Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things…

I try to anticipate different aspects of life.
Prepping to go away.
Actually going away.
Coming home from going away.
My life is all about making sure everything runs smoothly.
when things do not run smoothly…I tend to…hmmm…how shall I put this…
fall apart?
Yep…that is the way to put it.
So today…it is all about getting Patty and Den’s life back to normal.
In my mind that means finally unpacking my huge bag.
Sorting all of the laundry.  OMG!!!
Dealing with the feeling that the house must be ordered even though we ordered it before we left because we both need to come home to NEAT!!!
And in spite of sounding so in control…I do tend to put certain things off until the last possible minute. 
Take today…
for instance.
We have no visible groceries.
The last thing I want to do is shop.
But we need dinner.  Something not fishy, clammy or lobstery.
Something meaty.
I also…cough cough cough…got sick in Maine.  I never get sick in Maine.
I had to go to the Waldo Urgent Care Place.
I am still…cough cough cough…sicky feeling.
I even have an inhaler.
Do not feel sorry for me.
I actually had no appetite and ate the same dinner three nights in a row because my husband made me eat.
My husband had fishy stuff that I could not look at.
I had a tiny filet of beef, a  baby carrot, some baby broccoli, and a tiny potato.
It was the only thing I craved and could actually eat.
Being sick does weird things to my appetite.
I used to only be able to eat white things when I was sick.
I have expanded my sick repertoire.
On another note…
my husband ate a duck fat fried half of an organic chicken in Maine.
All I could do was watch in shock and awe.
He said it was the best thing he has ever eaten.
And while he did that I ate a bowl full of chopped raw tuna with seaweed and soy and mirin, perhaps.
After three filets…I actually ate raw tuna.
It was the only thing my coughing body wanted.
Happy Monday!!!
Cough cough cough.

9 thoughts on “Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-Hope you'll feel like “new” all over again, soon! A long trip like this takes a huge toll on everyone.
    Don't worry about the laundry and the slight mess…it will still be there waiting for you, unless you call a “maid service!”


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