Green Peas In The Freezer!!!

There are still no groceries in our house.
But I am planning on getting lots tomorrow.
Today I had to wait for the Morvent Man.
He tunes up all of our stuff.
Air conditioners.
He gets us ready for winter.
By the time he left my grand grocery shopping plans were down the tubes.
Big time.
I have to go early in the morning or I hate it.
Just the way I always hated stopping for groceries after school.
I like these jobs done.
I have to trek far for my favorite stores.
Fresh Market
Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s
They are far far away.
At least 25 minutes.
So tonight is sushi night.
I am getting some yummy Tempura Soup with Soba noodles to help my cough.
Cough cough cough…
Back to the green peas.
Yesterday I made little baby meatloaves.
In muffin cups.
So cute.
But that was all we had until I found the peas.
It was like finding buried treasure.
I pulled dinner out of my hat…lol.
I have tons of books to talk about…and I can’t wait to see the newest Kindle Tablet being released tomorrow…it is called…
Kindle Fire!!!
I read an Elizabeth Berg book today from NetGalley.
It was good but I didn’t love it.
I used to love her.
Do you ever feel as though you have outgrown some of your favorite authors?

4 thoughts on “Green Peas In The Freezer!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    When I was in grad school, I read every Nicholas Sparks book I could get a hold of. Haven't read him since, and tend to avoid them like a plague now. Especially with his little rant about not being a romance novelist.


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