More Halloween…Book Stuff…And Snow?

You probably did not know this about me.
I actually own a Pumpkin Purse.
And here it is.
I also have a Pumpkin Mug.
And here it is.
If you look carefully it says Capp booo chino!!!
I also am the proud owner of my very own Pumpkin Man!!!
Here he is.
He is resting quietly.
He has to defend himself against Lucy.
And when we sit down to have dinner…this greets us!!!
Pumpkin Placemats…
I can’t believe October is almost gone.
I do not have very much turkey stuff to decorate with.
Turkeys are not even as remotely as cute as pumpkins but
December is just a short decorating step away!!!
Now books…
In spite of wanting to read the book I started…I was not in the mood for it.
I will read it later.
Kathy from BermudaOnion said it is fall and the fact that there are a lot of distractions contributes to this.  I think she is right.
Our little family celebrates our anniversary and both birthdays and then we are almost into Thanksgiving so this is a distracting time of year.  We had bathroom painting and the trip to Maine where I talked to my husband and Lucy for the entire drive there and back.
Usually I read quietly.
I am determined to choose a book today.
What I really should do is not choose…just go to one of my Kindle collections and start with the first one and just read it.
It is the choices that are making me crazy.
And feeling moody.
Not sad moody…just weird moody.
And we have a snow forecast for tomorrow night…I still have flowers growing everywhere.
Thank goodness Lucy Grace is ready for snow!!!
Not quite the look I was going for and she won’t walk with it on.
But still cute…don’t you think?
Happy Start to the week end everyone!!!

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