Rockin’ Her Hoodie…

Hoodie…Day 2…
It appears to me as though she has an attitude about her hoodie.
Yep…definitely an attitude.
I truly think she is finally one with her hoodie!!!
Hood up or hood down?
Now this one seems to say to me…buy me more…I need one in every color!!!
Or at least pink?
I actually ordered her a basic gray and an all purpose black…those are her best colors…with gray she is nearly invisible…great for sneak attacks.
We are lovingly calling her Lil Meow Meow…
she is in the house!!!
On another note…I started to read Ashfall by Mike Mullin yesterday and finished it last night.  It was disasterously yummy.  A volcano eruption sort of in the heartland…weird premise but an awesome book!!!  My review as always is on GoodReads and Amazon.
And now I am reading a book that an author…Dale Mayer…sent to me…Tuesday’s Child.
It is just what I need right now…suspense, mystery, nightmarish dreams…to get me out of my reading brain freeze.  I am going to read two of her books in a row…maybe three…lol…
Thank you, Dale, for thinking of me.
It is snowing here on the East Coast today.  My lovely pots of fall flowers are covered in tons of snow…it is amazing and quite beautiful.

7 thoughts on “Rockin’ Her Hoodie…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    You finally posted the “pink hoodie”…so perfect for Lucy! Like I said, I don't see an attitude, but if you say so, OK.
    She is ever so sweet, and looks so adorable in her hoodie!
    Can't believe how you guys are gonna get snow for the weekend, and we are drenched here in S. Florida from what is/was Hurricane Rina.
    I was gonna go to the store to pick up something for dinner…guess I will order Chinese take out!


  2. Bellezza says:

    I love the pictures of your kitty adjusting to her hoodie! What wonderful expressions she has! We have a gray long-haired cat, too, whom I've named Minou. We also have a tabby, who is more graceful than I could ever hope to be. I hope yours pulls in lots of treats for Halloween!


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