Halloween Candy…How Do You Decide?

Happy Halloween!!!
Forgive me, Lucy Grace, I just had to…
she’s flying like a real Halloween witch!!!
Halloween is huge here on the East Coast.
When I was teaching 2nd grade it was a really big day!!!
Halloween was just too exciting for 2nd graders who have not yet grasped the concept of time.
The questions would start the minute they walked through the door… when was it time for the party and when would it be
time to put their costume on and were we really going to have math on Halloween?
A headache was the aftermath of a parade and party and parents and grandparents and candy and games and fun…so much fun.
It really was fun and the headache could not be avoided.
Every primary teacher I have ever known prays for Halloween to be on a Friday.
It rarely happens.
Today I found myself wandering the Halloween candy aisles at Target.  They have a huge assortment but it took me forever to make choices.  We can get 3 trick or treaters or 50.
I seriously found and tossed out massive amounts of Halloween candy from last year.
I put them in a picnic basket and forgot about them.
I found them last week.
It must be a common theme…having great difficulty making a Halloween candy choice because I swear there were about 15 other people wandering the aisles along with me. 
Everyone had an opinion.
Someone wanted only Reese’s.
A little old lady was trying to get the best value.
A frustrated woman was buying only candy she would not eat.
Someone else was looking for the best collection that did not include Milky Way bars.
 For the first time ever I bought only 2 bags.
Huge bags but still only two.
I feel as though we will run out.
I only bought my childhood favorites and my husband’s, too.
Tootsie Pops
Well…maybe more my favorites.
Sorry, Den.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Candy…How Do You Decide?

  1. Ti says:

    I was never one for hard candy and now I can't eat chocolate as it is usually dusted in flour of some sort, so I could care less about the candy. Instead, I am thinking about the homemade pasta sauce I made yesterday that I will heat up and toss over pasta for an easy, but somewhat rushed dinner before the onslaught of trick-or-treaters hit.


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