It’s Hoodie Time Again…

I could be wrong but I think she really likes wearing these.  She doesn’t struggle any more when I try to put it on her.
She actually walks around with it on.
Before she wouldn’t even move.
She had the idea to turn to the right.

It was also her idea to do a low to the ground shot.
I really think she is looking at a some sort of insect in this shot.
And in this one she clobbered the bug.
Totally claiming her space here…lol…annoyed with me for not letting her get off of the deck swing.
What on earth am I doing to my sweet girl?
I can’t seem to help myself…lol…

4 thoughts on “It’s Hoodie Time Again…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I wish we lived closer to each other, so I could watch Lucy when you and your hubby go away on short trip…or long!
    If there was a “beauty contest” for female cats, Lucy would certainly be the winner!

    Love the adorable hoodie:DDD


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