Cozy Mysteries…Key To A Reading Slump?

I don’t think that I even really knew what a cozy mystery was.  But now I do.  They involve eating and tea and bear claws.  They involve sleepy towns and lake houses or cottages by the sea.
They involve housekeepers and following in love with a side kick or antagonizer.
They involve sexy bits that are implied but still juicy to read…nevertheless.
I think I love cozy mysteries!!!
I know that I have read them before…Goldie Bear in the Aspen catering ones.  The Lillian Jackson Braun ones.  The teacher in Boulder ones.  Maybe even the ones that come in abc order.  And yummy English ones…Deborah Crombie and Louise Penny…though she might not be English.
I have not read a really unputdownable one until this one…
Dark Lake.
Louise Gaylord.
She is a character.
You have to watch the YouTube video.
Right here.
Speedy Summary…
Allie Armington …lawyer/licensed private investigator…is off to visit her beloved Aunt Sallie at her lakeside compound.
Upon arriving she finds chaos within the cottage and Aunt Sallie down below…not really moving.
Aunt Sallie’s daughter, Arlene, is in one of the bedrooms…sort of out of it…drugged, disoriented, unsure of what has happened.
It is obvious to Allie that a crime has taken place.  Now she has to convince everyone else that Aunt Sallie’s demise was not a suicide.
My Thoughts About This Book…
What a romp!!!  I think that this might be one of those yummy cozy mysteries.  I became immediately involved in the story. I loved the lake surroundings, totally enjoyed Allie’s character, loved the food descriptions.  I am craving a bear claw now because that is what Allie ate almost every morning with a hot cup of coffee.  Allie has some issues with the family…an accident that happened years ago but in spite of that…she has stayed close to her aunt and her cousin…Sallie and Arlene.  Allie is determined to find out what really happened and that leads her down a path that involves drug dealers, more deaths, and even a love interest.
It was so much fun to read this book.  It was such a relaxing suspense filled mystery.  The author skillfully teases us with glimpses and hints about who the real villain is…and trust me…there could have been a ton of potential bad guys.  The ending is a burst of action and surprise.  I had a clue and then I didn’t and I was finally quite surprised at the outcome.
I have not read this author’s work before this book.  But I am now a huge fan.  Sometimes a mystery is just the most perfect kind of book to read.  This one was sheer perfection.
I will be attaching myself to more books in this series.
I am not even sure what a bear claw is…but I kind of really want one!!!

5 thoughts on “Cozy Mysteries…Key To A Reading Slump?

  1. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have recently concluded that cozy mysteries are my go-to books for awhile…

    Not that I won't read other kinds of books, or other kinds of mysteries, but the cozy ones are so satisfying.

    Like Dumpster Dying and Bogey Nights, two recent reads of mine.

    I'm looking forward to the Cozy Reading Challenge I'm doing for 2012.


  2. Elisabeth says:

    I love the way you narrate each book…as if I was a character in the novel. Makes a person want to pick up that book and just sit in a comfy-cozy chair, blocking everything out…immersed in the mystery.
    Also the mystery is cozy, as well? what could be better on a lazy Sunday!


  3. bookdout says:

    I love cozy mysteries though sadly I have read barely any recently – they rae great escapsism – and I'd love the chance to try a bear claw as well!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd out


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