We Are Tebow Crazy…

Or one half of our little family is…
and it’s not my half.
I just sat through a Denver Bronco game with tons of screaming and yelling and I think actual crying in the background.
And we are the only two watching the game.
Lucy doesn’t count.
And I was napping through most of it.
I think I awoke to my husband actually Tebowing.
He was on the floor on one knee in his Tebow stance…
I simply do not get it.
It’s out there.
I do not get a grown man in tears over a football game.
One second he is yelling it’s over and then
within minutes he is screaming and cheering because there is a small glimmer of hope.
I just do not have the sports gene.
And to be perfectly honest…I am sort of glad it skipped me.
How was your Sunday?
Is football season almost over?

10 thoughts on “We Are Tebow Crazy…

  1. Sarah says:

    For my point of view, its been going on a few months too long. I just don't get American Football. Now Rugby I could see getting excited about (they make American Football players look a little wimpy in my opinion). But I imagine my brother had a similar reaction to the game, he's a big Broncos fan. He clearly is the odd one in the family, since neither my parents nor grandparents care for the sport.

    Mine was quiet. Finished shopping for presents for my nephews this morning.


  2. Patty says:

    Sarah…all is calm here now…we are waiting for a slow cooker roast to finish slow cooking…meat is a fitting Sunday night dinner after a rousing football game…don't you think?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Patty,you miss the point. You must let go. Move towards the light…If its a Sony big screen so much the better. Now assume the Tebow position. Touch the screen. Feel the force. You are now one. You are Tebowed, Tebeted, Tebonded. Feel the force of Football. God wears blue and orange and so should you. You are now with us…the Frito generation.


  4. Elisabeth says:

    Patty-I'm not a huge sports fan of any kind, but I do enjoy getting together with friends who get so excited about the football games at this time of the year…it kind of gets you into the spirit of things, and join in the fun. Football would have to be one of my favorite sports…if any!


  5. Ti says:

    The topic of conversation in my house right now, has to do with the fact that the production of Alice in Wonderland that my kids are in, happens to be taking place during the SuperBowl. This is a HUGE problem because my son and hub are Greenbay fans and as you know, they are undefeated right now. If they end up in the superbowl I will never hear the end of it! Never!!


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