It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Yesterday I felt as though Christmas was far far away.
That was yesterday…
Today I no longer have that feeling!!!
I have a tendency to think…well…
firmly believe…
that I have lots of time
to do all of the holiday things that I love to do…
mostly that means wishing for snow, looking at lights, and playing Christmas carols while I read.

I am so bad…

What I have to do is shop, wrap, get out all of the Christmas bins, get over my fear of going into the basement crawl space, stop freaking out because Lucy refuses to walk down the basement steps, figure out why Lucy is staring at certain walls and then looking at me, research mouse habitats, and get moving!!!

Apparently Lucy is not a mouse avenger…but she is perceptive!!!
My husband actually found a mouse in the basement today!!!
Lucy is wearing her mouse avenger hoodie!!!

And when I stuck my hand inside my runaround Uggs…I keep them in the garage by the door…something did not feel quite right…
upon closer inspection…there is a mouse nest inside…

I don’t know whether to be freaked out or flattered!!!

I have to get moving!!!

Are you on top of your holiday schedule?
Do you have a holiday schedule?

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6 thoughts on “It Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

  1. Elisabeth says:

    When we used to live in Cleveland, it wasn't unusual to catch a mouse or two in our basement. ugh…can't stand them, but a mouse nest?…don't know which is worst!
    …and no, I'm not tired from my S.Francisco trip, any more…lol, that was funny that you mentioned it on my blog. Holidays are really the best times of the year, but sometime, you feel “blue!”…just an observation of mine!


  2. Fireflywishes says:

    I haven't done anything for Christmas..I'm going shopping on the 15th lol talk about last minute.. I may buy some stuff online before then.. haha gotta love the convenience of online shopping esp at this crazy time of the year!

    Mice, I've never had a mouse problem but to find a nest in your SHOE – ugh! Glad you found it before you stuck your foot inside!

    I looooooove that cat hoodie LOL What a great picture. Not sure my feline would put up with that haha

    Nice blog! (I don't know if you remember me, we “met” on Amazon from talking about Dominance by Will Lavender 😀

    April @ My Shelf Confessions


  3. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ooh, mice freak me out! In my house in the foothills, toward the end of my time there, we had some mice playfully waltzing about, as if they owned the place.

    Got rid of them eventually…I even borrowed my daughter's cat, but they eluded her.

    Love Lucy in that hoodie!


  4. Ti says:

    Wait a second… you've found the left justified button. LOL.

    You did not mention the mouse nest on Facebook. Good lord! I would not like that at all.


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