Land Of The Lost!!!

Every once in a while my reading takes off in a different direction. I adored Lord Of The Rings and a Christmas or two ago spent hours watching the movie over and over. It was magical for me. I am reading a book that sort of takes me to that same place. For me, it’s the perfect time of year for feisty winged soldiers, little people called gimlets, a huge giant named Hooks ( who looks like Bigfoot ) and a lost boy who is just trying to save his dying mom and find his way in an unbelievable world.
Elliot has no idea what is happening to him…he simply walked down the stairs in his grandfather’s house and was swept up in this amazing adventure. So far he has survived a water test…he has strange markings on his hands and feet that turn into webbed things that allow him to survive under water. He can breathe underwater, too. That scene gave me a nightmare last night that awakened me at 2:00 in the morning!!! But I have water issues…lol.

I am at the point in the book where Elliot and Hooks and two gimlets are trying to survive an attack by fierce wolves…huge fierce wolves…and are on a quest to find another Shamalan…that is what Elliot most likely is…

This book is huge!!! It’s about 600 pages and has beautifully drawn illustrations that really portray these strange characters.

It is an awesome sort of respite from holiday stress right now.

I think I may have some for a giveaway later…I will keep you posted…

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