Loving My Lists…

Have I ever mentioned that I have a small tendency to be obsessive?
I haven’t?
The danger of having tons of techie toys around is that I am compulsively making lists for everything.
Espeically on Notes on my iPAD…
I love Notes…they are yellow and look like a legal pad which is my favorite kind of thing to make lists on. 
Here is my December list tally so far…
Things to buy in general
Reservations made…I got carried away with Groupon and OpenTable…my bad.
Book reviews due
Books to read soon
Den’s Christmas List
Lucy’s Christmas List
Things I need to do this week
Things I need to do next week
Possible outfits for dinners for all of the reservations I made
Things that should be cleaned this year
Things Den and I should discuss to keep me happy
And that is just the beginning.
I do love to make a good list.
I love to check things off of my list.
The problem is I am not checking off enough.
It is rainy/dreary/yucky today.
I just want to cuddle up on the sofa and look at our bare tree.
Den is going to prom tonight.
I am not going.
It’s actually business but he has to wear a tux.
Partners/spouses/special people are not invited.
I feel like Cinderella.
Except that no one will be making me a carriage out of a pumpkin.
Even though I saved two out in the garden for just such an occasion.
I will not have glass slippers but…
I will be wearing UGGS when his limo picks him up.
I will take pictures and wave good bye and hope that he has a lovely time.
I think.
Tell me not to add one more thing to my list.
Lucy is even weary of my lists…

10 thoughts on “Loving My Lists…

  1. Ti says:

    What kind of event is this to not invite spouses? I say… boo hiss.

    I love your lists. I am a huge list maker. I get stuff done when I make the lists, but sometimes the lists are up in my head and those NEVER get tended to or get handled in a frantic way, last minute.

    When Den goes to his prom, you should watch The Family Stone. A funny, feel good movie set during Christmas. Have you seen it?


  2. Patty says:

    June G has left a new comment on your post “Loving My Lists…”:

    Before I got to the end of Lucy's picture, I thought to myself: Lucy looks like she can't take another entry on the lists of lists! Lol…and then I saw your caption and was right!! *Pats self on back* Ha ha ha….


  3. Fairday Morrow says:

    I love this post! I am a big fan of list! I make them all the time and I have various categories (grocery store, work, general, book, etc.). I am so happy when I get to cross something off the list. I like paper and electronic lists- for different things! I get a little crazy with lists actually. 🙂

    Don't forget to follow our blog and comment on the giveaway. You will be entered for the chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon and a not for sale copy of The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow.



  4. Elisabeth says:

    I'm not a huge list maker, but my granddaughter Gabby is! Today, my daughter and I went on an adventure, just on Gabby's list…so accurate, and precise! She even googled the price on the things she had on her list, knowing the limit of the cost that Santa was willing to spend!…is that not crazy? or is she just being so organized!
    Love Lucy's portrait! Oh, such a beautiful kitty! Just adore her:DDD


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