The Day After…

Well…it is the day after Prom…
Prom boy had a wonderful time.
Private tour of Winterthur.
Elegant dinner.
Limo there and back.
Lovely yummy cocktails
Soft music
He looked very Cary Grantish in his tux or Edwardy…
depending on my mood.
A lovely time was had by all.
But me
I had a combo cereal bowl for dinner.
Special K
A banana
Entertainment for me for the evening?
Did you know that there is nothing on television on Thursday nights?
I played BigFish Hidden Object games.
I played Words With Friends with strangers.
I bugged Lucy.
I lurked on blogs.
I finally fell asleep.
My fairy godmother was a no show.

7 thoughts on “The Day After…

  1. Fairday Morrow says:

    My work party doesn't allow spouses- too expensive. I think it feels weird to go to a Christmas party without my significant other! I guess lots of places are doing it these days. Of course- sometimes attending someone else's Christmas party isn't too fun- so maybe it turns out to be a blessing in disguise?

    @Laurel-Rain- I have been wondering when Grey's and P.Practice will be back on- thanks for mentioning it!



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