Books I Can’t Wait To Read…

I have to read these soon…they sound delicious, don’t they?
OMG…the 1950’s…a mystery, found bones, a mysterious drifter and a young girl with an agoraphobic mother…what else is there?
This is a quirky novel…high school new girl and a mysterious loner she has to sit next to.
This has my name written all over it.
A mystery with “shocking secrets” and “dark and distressing matters”.
Need I say more?
A murder on the Fair Isles…Detective Jimmy Perez…cold calculating crime…OMG…
does it get any better than this one?
This is why I love to read…I can be on a plane or waiting in line or on a drive trip to somewhere and these are at my fingertips!!!
What are you just itching to get your hands on soon?

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