GoodReads Is Kind Of Magical…

It is sort of almost magical to enter into a new year.
I mean…
yesterday didn’t really feel very different.
But today does…
My first sign was that Goodreads took away all of the 165 books I read last year and organized them for me by the way I rated them.
Then the 2012 Goodreads Challenge came up.
And it starts all over again.
I already finished one book.
Not that I am racing anyone…at all.
Goodreads even took the books on my virtual shelves and gave me even more recommendations based on what I virtually shelved there.
I really didn’t need that one.
But I have it.
They know me so well.
Anyway…I am more organized this year.
I am not just oohing and ahhing over the books that come to my door.
I am stacking them neatly in the order I am going to review them.
Take that,  Excel Spreadsheet…and thank you for this idea, Laurel!!!

I am going to give myself weekly reading/reviewing goals…
and then a reward.
That should keep me on my toes in 2012.

This was the first book I read in 2012. 
A sweet quirky high school freshman with a potty mouth to die for.
He has something to say about everything as his parents go through a family crisis.
He deals with being called gay and being bullied and finding love and losing love and irritable bowel syndrome.
I could not stop sort of inside laughing at this book.
I am not an outside laugher.
It was clever and real and different.
The kids were clever and the teachers were clever.
This book cries out that it is clever and quirky and snarky.
It was great fun.
Goal 1…done…reward…coming.
What book are you choosing as your first 2012 reading experience?
I need to know!!!

7 thoughts on “GoodReads Is Kind Of Magical…

  1. Fairday Morrow says:

    It looks like you are off to a great start in 2012! Yeah! Goodreads does sound very magical and I like your idea of stacking your books in order. I do that with the pile next to my bed. But I sometimes sneak other books in front.

    The book you just finished sounds fun. I hadn't heard of it until I read your post. I like clever books and this one sounds great. Thanks for sharing!



  2. Tes says:

    I haven't go go book shopping for this year yet… but hope to stack on more fantasy on near my bed. Oh I love that book! The cover just made me laugh, too 🙂 It sounds very interesting 🙂


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