I Say I Want Some Resolutions…

Mine are simple and hopefully fulfillable.

Use the word erudite soon…preferably correctly.  I read a review that WriteMeg wrote where she used erudite in an easy flowing manner.  I am forever in awe of her now. 

Wear my new white Feel The Peace amazingly lovely long sleeved stirrup hands tee somewhere…I have an intense fear of spots on clothes.  I carry Tide sticks everywhere.
Wear the right shoes to the right event…without blistering my entire foot.
Make pasta from scratch…maybe.
 Decide what I want for dinner without changing my mind three times…and needing the odd ingredient…truffle oil…that can only be found at the grocery store near my husband’s office.

Stop preordering books for my Kindle…
they really do come in…they have to be paid for and like clockwork they all come in on the same day.

That’s enough for me…I am a one day at a time kind of person…so the above list is a biggie for me.

Happy Wednesday!

Is anybody watching The Bachelor?
Heaven on Monday nights.

Drama…dysfunction…even a blogger…but she didn’t get a rose this week!!!

19 thoughts on “I Say I Want Some Resolutions…

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Patty, Isn't this great – we can now reply to individual posts!
    I also get annoyed when I decide on an exciting new recipe and then realize I need some obscure ingredient for it that I'll likely never use again.
    Love that kitty hoodie 🙂


  2. Christy Rush-Levine says:

    “Make pasta from scratch…maybe.” I love this! It is charming of you to tuck that little 'maybe' on the end there. You are a wise woman to give yourself an out there. It may end up being a fun challenge or it may be a disaster. You never know until you try…maybe!


  3. Magdalena Ball says:

    Excellent resolutions. I used to make pasta all the time but once I had children they decided to use my pasta maker as a paper shredder and then it stopped working properly. Now I can't imagine making it by hand anymore. They cured my fear of spots on clothes too.


  4. Fairday Morrow says:

    I like your resolutions! I have a fear of spots too and keep a Tide pen in my car, in my purse, and in a drawer (I can be a bit messy and spill quite often). Good luck using your vocabulary word soon! How fun! I hate when I wear the wrong shoes- such a pain!



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