Do You Like Good Music? Do You Like To Dance?

Now that I do not work full time any more…I have time to explore ( or obsess over ) a lot of things…
a random song on my husband’s iPOD that woke him up in the morning on Monday turned out to be Billy Idol’s “Flesh For Fantasy”.
Then the next morning “Rebel Yell” woke us up.
Then the morning after that it was  “Eyes Without A Face”.
Now I am looking for Billy Idol concerts and downloading some of his songs on my iPOD.

I’ve watched YouTube videos of him, read about his life, and learned about why he took the name Idol…ultimately he is this week’s passion…

My husband hums Flesh For Fantasy while he shaves and I even saw him dance down the hall to “Rebel Yell”.
This is Billy Idol in his prime.
Note the sultry sneer.
This is Billy Idol now…not so sneery…
still cute…still the bad boy.
Ok…now it’s time to tell all…
who was your fave musician when you were in high school or college?
I can’t wait to hear all about it.


15 thoughts on “Do You Like Good Music? Do You Like To Dance?

  1. Ti says:

    You know mine since we talked about this earlier but I'll share:

    Adam Ant (painted a stripe on my face to be like him)

    Andy Bell from Erasure (his voice melts my butter)

    The Pet Shop Boys

    Depeche Mode

    I also enjoyed some “hair” bands but I won't go there. And there were plenty of girl bands too.


  2. Lee Wind, M.Ed. says:

    Billy's “rebel yell” is pretty kick-tushie, as we say in my house. And I like your quotes at the bottom of these blog pages – the Elanore Roosevelt teabag line is hysterical! And I was pretty amazed to see Rocky Horror is still such a draw for High Schoolers today as it was 30+ years ago…Thanks for sharing, and thanks as well for participating in the 2012 Comment Challenge!
    Keep on commenting,


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