It’s Date Night…

Tonight is date night!!!
In our house it means getting just a bit dressed up and going off to our neighborhood gem…
Sovano Bistro.
We love this place.
It is always crowded.
The chef is amazing.
The martinis are icy and cold.
We usually know what we will have before we even get there.
It’s a relaxing time for us to talk and connect.
That is what we will do.
We will share a starter… tonight it will be calimari…
made with deep fried lemons and chili peppers and an amazing aoli.
That is as far as I am thinking.
Often I have a starter for dinner.
I would kill for Sovano Bistro’s pommes frites.
They come in a metal cone that has white parchment paper on the inside.
But Dennis won’t let me have that for dinner.
There is still time to think about it.


I finished reading Val McDermid’s The Retribution…excellent.
I also just finished Ellen Potter’s The Humming Room…really different and really lovely.
The Retribution was complex and hefty…but I loved it.
The Humming Room short and sweet…but I loved it, too.

I just started reading this book…from a small Indie press. 
YA…a wealthy hidden family…
 their future lies with the abilities of an estranged daughter.
Loving it.


Tomorrow is GAME DAY for this house.
My husband is from Colorado.
He is…how shall I put this…
extremely excited for this game.
He loves this team.
He has passion for this team.
Lucy and I might be in another part of the house while the game is on.
He is incapable of watching it without major histrionics.
He will be all over the place.
We cannot have people over nor can we watch the game anywhere but safely in our house tomorrow night.
Too stressful.
Too distracting.
I don’t get it.
Do you know anyone who has this kind of over the top extreme passion for a sport?

14 thoughts on “It’s Date Night…

  1. carol says:

    Our daughter's having a friend spend the night tonight, which means my husband and I get kicked out of the basement, where tv that actually gets all the choices, the dvd player, and the computer all our. And he's going to watch the hockey game. Fun.

    There was great gnashing of teeth at our house last weekend over the same football game your husband must have been thrilled by.


  2. Annie says:

    Word pictures in poetic form–loving it.
    Visited as a result of the blog comment challenge and delighted to find we read some of the same things.
    Shall be following your reviews closely now LOL


  3. Ti says:

    My husband is crazy about the Packers but he's not very dramatic about it. All he wants it to be able to sit and watch it and maybe have some snacks nearby. LOL.

    Your dinner plans sound very nice You make everything sound so.darn.good.


  4. Jane says:

    I hope your date night was fun! Love Lady and the Tramp 🙂 No one in this household is too over the top as far as sports go – my husband watches the hockey playoffs and that's about it, which is fine by me! I like Fairday Morrow's comment that she gets 'that way' about books.


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