Random Thoughts!

This is the first day this week that I have a totally unscheduled day! Den is at the office…I am doing laundry, playing with kitties, reading and tidying!


I finished this…I thought it would be more like Beth Revis’s work but it wasn’t.

It was more of a Science Fiction Mystery Thriller…if there even is such a genre. It was good/ok.

Up next…these…I love football weekends! They are perfect for reading!
Love these sweater/shirt extenders…from Grace & Lace…turns any short dress into a longer dress! I love comfy quirky clothes!
Shoes…love these…l’amour des pieds shoes…the bottoms are cool and they are comfy! I love comfy quirky shoes!
That’s it! I am signing off…have a great week end! I will be back with even more random thoughts on Monday!


7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Enjoy the weekend! My day was not an unscheduled one, but hopefully tomorrow will be. Today I had to get gas, so I'll have enough for the weekend; had to pick up some meds; and go to the grocery store.

    Not too bad. But I didn't get much reading done.


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