Torrents and Deluges And Tons Of Rain!!!

I can read up a storm on rainy days and rainy nights! These two are done!

Shallow Graves gave me my nightmare fix for a year…but it was really really good.

Loved this book but it had the most awkward girl crush ever…for a sister in law…eek!

And now I am in the mood for two books at a time…one real…one virtual…yum!
Dinner is this…Turkey Taco Salad from The Kitchn!
I really want to make this…also from The Kitchn….Pumpkin Bread! Maybe tomorrow…
I think Roxie thinks this pumpkin is hers!
Have a lovely evening…oh…apparently a blimp is loose over my Pennsylvania skies and is taking out power lines!
Oh my!
We still have power!



10 thoughts on “Torrents and Deluges And Tons Of Rain!!!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ooh, love the look of that taco salad….and the pumpkin bread. Your kitchen looks so cozy….and the pumpkins are perfect decorations.

    Tessa Hadley's Clever Girl was such a strange book that I'm reluctant to read another of hers. I just reread my review of Clever Girl, and I'm wondering why I gave it four stars, as I recall the narrator having a strange perspective,

    Glad your power stayed on! I always hate anything going on, storms or whatever, that might knock out power.

    I'm reading a really good book now in which bloggers are being killed off by some unknown predator…scary, right? The Perfect Stranger.


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    The turkey taco salad looks delicious… going to pin that one!
    We didn't get quite as much rain as predicted, but we got the wind. Lot's of power outages. Glad we didn't have a runaway blimp adding to the problems 😉


  3. Stefanie says:

    Oh boy, that blimp's dangerous. Are they just waiting for it to come down? Your planned recipes look yummy, the salad healthy and the pumpkin bread just the right amount of sweetness. You got a great amount of reading done. I'll be interested in seeing what your impressions are of the fae book.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    The turkey taco salad was awesome! The only change I will make is the amount of chili powder…it called for 1 tablespoon but it was too spicy for me…next time I will add half that amount!


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