Why I Love October by Patty!

It is the month of many birthdays! Plus our anniversary is just before this festivus of birthdays. Roxie’s is first, then mine and then Den’s. By the time Den’s rolls in we are all sick of cake…here are the cakes in order of their appearance.


Roxie’s birthday…
My birthday…
Interim pie…to celebrate football…
By the time it gets to Den…the cake shrinks to one serving…and I didn’t even want a bite.
Reading this…weird, kind of ghoulish, perhaps a tad confusing but I can’t put it down…I started that Kindle read at night thing when I wake up too early.
Reading this…English country house, dysfunctional families…so far it’s good…
Another reason I love October is because I start to focus on cool weather clothes…my latest obsession? Swingy trapeze dresses! From Nordstrom’s and Karen Kane…short sleeved with a yummy scarf…long sleeved, turtlenecked and even one with sparkles! There are more but I am restraining myself. Tights, booties, long cardies…I love them all! I love toss on clothes that can be worn anywhere without thinking about them!
Ok…I must go outside and try to help rake leaves…we have so many leaves!
Have a great day!



16 thoughts on “Why I Love October by Patty!

  1. Stefanie says:

    I love cool weather clothes also! I mean come on, San Francisco born & bred where we're known for fog and micro systems. Plus, we knitters are all about the wool. If you ever have time, if there is a local Michael's or JoAnn's around, they have either free or cheap knitting classes. Some ppl learn by YouTube. Or like me, take a class at a LYS, knitterly speak for local yarn store. Too bad; if you and I were neighbors, I could teach you and you can teach me basic quilting. Happy belated birthday. I like how you all have a sweet tooth.


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