A Wednesday Mix!

It was kind of gloomy/windy/chilly today and although it was supposed to warm up and the local weatherman insisted that the sun would be shining…it was still a gloomy day!

New books! Thank you Edelweiss!!!

From what I have read…this is supposed to be a really deep psychological thriller and one of the books to watch for in 2016!

” Nature, family, tragedy, discovery…”love books like this!
From Amazon…”Eloise meets Rosemary’s Baby in New York City’s very own Carlyle hotel.” Love books like this!
Reading but seriously not loving this…
I want a faux fur infinity scarf!
Roxie is experimenting with our newest cat toy…it’s called a Ripple Rug! It’s like a kitty playground…Roxie pops her head out of the holes…I believe it’s not dignified enough for Lucy so she seems to watch Roxie in amusement.
Ok…I am off to try to get into my book!




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