I finished this book and I have very unsettled thoughts about it. It’s the story of a family…and a political story, too…about the father’s involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Oliver North is even in this book. Drama, dysfunction and characters I did not particularly care for. Sigh!

I think I am going to start this…no reason…no rhyme…it just looks good!
Den is on his way home…from the wilds of Minnesota…again. He is involved in some extra projects at work so he will be working quite a bit more for a while. I am exhausted from doing everything by myself…it’s like when I was teaching and he was working in Norway and I would have second graders all day and come home to the girls and chores and no help at the day’s end! He will be exhausted all weekend, too. Right now I just want him to do the three litter boxes and empty the dishwasher. Sigh!
So…our weekend is wide open right now…probably very low key…but that’s ok with us…Den will need a quiet weekend and salads and vegetables. I think his dinners this week revolved around big thick steaks…so…a cleansing is required…heeheehee!
I have just fallen in total love with this top…the trousers not so much…
And with these weird boots…
And this sandwich…from Simply Delicious…
And this quilt…from Jan Patek Quilts…
These little baby pies from Oh Sweet Basil…
And these kitties…from my house…heeheehee…that is my lap and my furry throw but we share…Lucy always has to be in first position…
I am off to read Divah and do one puzzle from Magic Puzzles and watch Once Upon A Time and wait for Den…


9 thoughts on “Sooooo…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am so sorry to hear about All the Houses…I had hopes for it, while also being worried, since I know nothing about the author…and I had promised myself not to get review books from unknown authors! It never ends well….

    I do love the top…and you are right about the pants…they make me think of “high waters.” LOL

    The quilt is gorgeous,too….and you should just rest and not do any chores. Except the cat boxes, I guess.


  2. DMS says:

    I love the top!! Beautiful and comfy. 🙂 Hope Den will be more relaxed than you think this weekend and that he will help get some chores done. Good luck!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Too bad about All the Houses… it doesn't sound very appealing to me either. Think it will be a very low key weekend here. Hubby is sick and I am in recovery mode with 2 more days of antibiotics left. I'm making soup this morning. Love the red top!!


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