All Mixed Up!

For some reason…well…I kind of think I know the reason…I thought yesterday was Friday…I think because Den always works on Friday and in my head he was coming home from work even though he was flying in from a trip…anyway…here I am!

So…Den was exhausted and literally fell asleep as soon as we went upstairs…so today we really did nothing…we went out to lunch…had yummy lunches…then had apples and cheese for dinner. We have wanted to try a new micro brew near us…Victory Brew Pub…it was great…really great beers and yummy food!

Den’s Fish & Chips…

My steak and frites…this is the first red meat I have had in about ten days…it was soooo good! That’s not butter…it’s some kind of melting sauce.
The Guinness-like beer Den had. I had one made of Mango Hops but it was really yummy!
We thought about going to their Beer Dinner! But on second thought…I drink one glass…one small glass of beer occasionally…I will never be able to drink that much beer! Yikes!
Reading’s good and scary and all about Demons vs Angels plus it even has some historical fiction tossed in! I did not know that Marilyn Monroe was an expert at working her way through the tunnels of the Carlisle Hotel in NYC to meet JFK for you know what! Itzy Nash…main character…is sent to live at the Carlisle with her Aunt Maude…but where is Aunt Maude? And why are there so many flies in Aunt Maude’s apartment? It’s so good!
I will read this next…during college football and during the RedZone!
My poor very tired boy…
My iPad watching Roxie…
My sleeping elder kitty Lucy…
I love when we are all safe and sound.
See you Monday! Do you have big weekend plans?


5 thoughts on “All Mixed Up!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Oh my gosh, the brewmaster from Victory was in the store the other day and Vance kind of geeked out when he met him!

    This week will be crazy busy at the store and our nephew comes today. We'll probably put him to work.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I can't drink much beer, either…it is so filling.

    Love the look of the fish and chips…yummy!

    My cable was giving me problems on Friday, so the service guy came out today, and traded out all the receivers to wireless…so much better!

    My eye is swollen, and I think it's the new inhaler they gave me earlier this week. I stopped the meds until I can check….

    How cute that Roxie watches your iPad…LOL


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