So…the Sunday Morning Show yesterday had a segment about “agrihoods“…and now Den and I want to live in one…we think…because we truly have no direction right now other than exploring places and going to lunch…more on lunch in a sec…

The two most interesting ones for us are just outside Atlanta and one in Loudon County, Virginia.

Nature trails, hiking, living around farms, biking, walking…these activities all appeal to us. These communities are truly interesting. We are going to try to get to Willowford…the one in Virginia…soon…it’s only about three hours away.

I love these townhouses in the agrihood called Serenbe outside of Atlanta…

Love this kitchen…in that townhouse…
But I also love these houses in Willowford Farms in Virginia.
Love this kitchen…in the top house…
Just one more aspect of our quest to find the perfect place to live. We really are not staying here.
The 12 agrihoods in the article I linked to are built on land conservancies…houses are varied, there are shops and restaurants, but everything is built around farms and preserving land and growing food. In one of them you can even rent goats to mow your lawn! I love it!
So…we will explore more! And more! And more!
So…today we drove to Lancaster again to get my last quilted quilt. I just can’t believe I had these quilt tops unfinished just a few months ago! It’s very happy in the guest room.
Lunch! A restaurant that is local and popular and that we totally forgot about!
We had yummy salads…
We did not have their signature dessert…we are regretting that now.
Every restaurant near us has this same look…
Reading and really loving this! A mother, a daughter, a trip to England, secrets and an unraveling mystery! This book has it all…
Up next…
Off to read!



15 thoughts on “Confused?

  1. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    You are funny…too funny. I like this concept. I am not sure you would be happy around goats, though! *wink* Check it out! I read so much when it was all I had to do. It was all things that I chose, like Drew Barrymore's memoir. XO.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love your guest room…that doll looks familiar…I think I have one in the trunk. I packed away some dolls before my son and DIL came, as my son kept making a big production of not having dolls in the room…LOL.

    Your quest for the perfect home could definitely happen…I am cracking up, though, over goats mowing your lawn.


  3. Ti says:

    How is this living any different than what you have now? It seems like there is always a local baker or farm stand available to you. I am just wondering how the other two places would be any different. Do you plan to actually grow food?


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