On My Own Again…

Isn’t that a song? Den is at the office today and at a “Drinks” event later…the girls and I are here to do whatever we want to do…after quizzing each kitty…I discovered that they are not in the mood for posing in holiday hats for our Christmas card…nor do they want to take a walk with me. Lazy kitties! It is a very windy day today so not taking them out in their stroller is probably a good idea…in fact Roxie is fixated on a new toy that I bought her and sits by our closet door waiting to play.

I have tons of options…Christmas shopping, wreath getting, grocery grabbing, big fat Christmas bow finding, Longwood Gardens walking, pantry organizing, Hammonds Candy Cane acquiring, and Christmas bin unpacking! We are having some friends over for dinner on Tuesday evening but I won’t be all decorated by then…we have to get our trees and seriously I can’t do it all this soon. Plus today I am just not motivated…

A contest? Who wears it better?


So…sadly…so far…all that I have done is read blogs, clear email and make holiday dinner reservations…sigh! And my ipad2 is now at 9% power! I need more power, Scotty!

And now it’s time for lunch! Oh boy!

Loving this book…

Cannot wait for this one…I LOVED Bittersweet!
I just spent an outrageous amount of $$$ on three chocolate filled Hammonds Candy Peppermint Canes and in spite of Prime they won’t be here until the tenth! Oh my…so sad!


16 thoughts on “On My Own Again…

  1. Ti says:

    Do you ever just sit and watch movies? You are always looking to fill your time, lady! I'm one to ask such a question, huh? If I have down town I am then cleaning out the garage or tearing kitchen cabinets apart.


  2. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    The contest…Roxie! That face is just so sweet. Did you notice George on my header? Ha! He is such a character. I am thankful for him. He is so loved by the girls. They all adore him. He is all boy, but so sweet.
    Those candy canes…yum! Chocolate & mint…yes, please.


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    You have to let me send you one…the chocolate is not overpowering! I did notice the handsomest boy kitty I know on your header! He and Luna…my niece's rescue are the two luckiest kitties ever!


  4. bermudaonion says:

    I think the song you're thinking of is “On the Road Again.” We don't put up a lot of Christmas decorations but it takes us days to put up what we do – I don't know how people get it all done in a day.


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