Here Is The Thing…Or Things…

We are still mowing the lawn and raking leaves and I still have flowers growing in pots outside…normally yard work would stop at some point in October but so far every thing is still growing and growing and growing…

Obsessions…my obsessions this week…are Hammonds Candy Canes! My supplier says that they are thirty days behind schedule! What’s up with this news? Even the ones I ordered from Amazon are behind schedule! I called Whole Foods and they think they have a few! People! I need these minty big beautiful candy canes. I am freely admitting that I am a Hammonds Cane-oholic! I can’t eat those tiny ones! I need Hammonds! No cherry or berry or weird flavors…only peppermint will work for this cane loving girl!

Just look at these beauties! So big!

They even have a cute Hammonds Candy Cane Car!
More obsessions…I have not worn a Christmas-sy shirt since I taught but I want this one! This is from a sweet shop I love called Love, Kuza! Which color? I can’t decide! It’s the perfect at shirt to chill out in while waiting for Santa Baby!
Next obsession…meatloaf! A British co worker of Den’s is coming for dinner next week and I am supposed to be making an All American Dinner! Right now I am focusing on an out of the ordinary meatloaf…this is Ina Garten’s and it is very steak based. Then I am making mashed potatoes and peas and Key Lime Pie! Any thoughts? All Den told me is that we need to make something meaty!
This book was AMAZING! It’s not out until Feb.16th but I would jump on it as soon as you can…I had copies from NetGalley and Edelweiss. The U.K. promo dude tweeted me to say it has been picked up by British TV. Not sure what that means…it seems as though it would be an amazing movie. Jean and Glen marry but after a while Glen’s creep side blooms…he keeps going into online chat rooms for whatever he needs that is not normal. Glen is obnoxious, blustery and nothing is ever his fault…someone else took those photos or downloaded that movie…never him. Jean just quietly stays by his side believing him and supporting him. Then a little girl disappears…and all eyes point to Glen. And then this book just gets so good. What is Jean’s role in all of this? Why does she have a baby obsession? It’s one of those slow steady wonderful books where you really don’t have to keep checking back to see who is doing what…it’s clear and just builds on this steady pace. But the entire time the pace is tense and exciting and suspense filled. Loved this book. But be prepared…the formatting is not good on Edelweiss or NG…but it’s not bad on my Paperwhite. And in spite of some of the subject matter…the book is very careful and tasteful when the weird stuff is mentioned. Whew!
Unless I do a pop up post…I am out of here until Monday!
Happy weekend! Stay safe out there!





12 thoughts on “Here Is The Thing…Or Things…

  1. DMS says:

    Those candy canes sound like they must be good. I am not sure I have ever tried them. I do know I love a good meatloaf- I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I love peppermint, especially with chocolate. Candy canes should only be the traditional red and with peppermint. Anything else is corruption and a travesty. *wink*
    I like the top in the first colour (cream).
    The book sounds like a very taut suspense thriller. Yikes.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I got The Widow today…NetGalley. I only glanced at a few pages, but didn't run into any weird formatting. Maybe it's later in the book?

    All of my NetGalley books are due to be released in the New Year, from Jan through March…how far ahead do you review?


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