Oh No!

First of all…I responded to one of Den’s associates in a note and didn’t catch a spelling error! It was pretty basic…there/their…and it could have been my ridiculous iPad self correcting…but still…the teacher part of me is furious! Am I falling into that gray area where I don’t see mistakes? How can this happen? To me? The part of me that wants things perfect will worry over this all day long!

Yesterday was a never ending series of events…we have some “boys” coming over for dinner…on Tuesday…they are ending their work time here and going back to the UK…so we wanted wreaths up, candles in all of the windows, boughs in baskets, branches resting on my outside benches and holiday stuff inside…getting the trees up is not possible on the same day as wreaths…and getting all of the Christmas stuff out is not possible…but we are trying!

So…yesterday we had to get wreaths, get to Pier 1 for the best room spray ever and Wegman’s for food stuff. We started out early and made great time until Wegman’s…when our fast pace slowed to a crawl! This store is still so crowded! The aisles are nearly impassable! So, of course, we became frustrated, cranky and irritated with each other! Den was whining because he only ate a doughnut at the wreath place and he wanted breakfast and he was hungry and I felt as though I had taken a seven year old shopping! He did not realize that I was on a mission! Oh…and the other thing was that we usually get our wreaths from the same place every year but I wanted to go to a different place because the newsletter said that the little sweet owner tied every bow on every wreath by hand!

Bad move on my part…she might have been sweet but her bows were…hmmm…not so pretty…so it took longer to find the perfect wreaths…but I did! The fern is going but the weather is so mild I hated to part with it!



Den and I wanted to create an American dinner for our friends…so we thought meatloaf…but not an ordinary one…our butcher made us a mix of sirloin and filet and brisket…and I made a trial meatloaf last night…with a recipe from Bon Appetit…and it was lovely…very steak like? And I am making baby Hasselback potatoes…when you take them out of the oven you drizzle them with a tiny bit of runny honey…and Gorgonzola cheese…they were awesome and the baby potatoes cut into Hasselback ones were so yummy! And I am making chocolate cake and a key lime pie for dessert…both are easy recipes…and green beans…

I am using this recipe from Chef Jamie Oliver…

Yep…making another meaty loaf on Tuesday unless I have the butcher roast me a cut of something else…what to do? What to do?

I am not good at cooking for more than two people…seriously! Whew!


I read this over the weekend…and LOVED it! It’s a unique and clever book about how James Hook…a twelve year old boy…meets Peter Pan one night in Kensington Gardens and how he is tricked into going to NeverNeverland! And how terrible Peter Pan really is! This book was fantastic for me!

Reading this…I love Julie Kagawa’s books…this is part of a trilogy…and it’s awesome, too!
I am off to do something!
I pray that there/their are no spelling errors in this post! But seriously? My iPad self corrector is holding me hostage!
Have a great day!










14 thoughts on “Oh No!

  1. Stefanie says:

    I chuckled through the beginning of this post. How'd your spuds come out? I tried a baby potato version like that; it had come out okay. I would rather use bigger potatoes and slip in slices of butter and bits of garlic in-between the cuts.


  2. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    Everything is looking good!
    I understand about spelling and grammar errors. I never trust any checks, having to go over things my self, repeatedly. I worked as a proofreader in the past (because I am a grammar nazi). I cannot stand when in a rush I make mistakes and miss them. *augh* We are human, though. That is why there are erasers; we make mistakes.


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    That dinner sounds delicious… wish I could drop by! Had to laugh at your shopping trip… most men (at least in my experience) act like 7 year olds when they get hungry while shopping. Our Wegmans is really busy and probably will be for the rest of the year. BUT, they had Hammond's candy canes!!! I got the last two chocolate-filled today 🙂


  4. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Awesome dinner…I think I'm too far away for me to attend, however…sigh.

    I know what you mean about not noticing some things. I used to win spelling bees (as a kid), and now I hesitate occasionally over the spelling of something ordinary. Something that I definitely should know…yikes! I think it's because we are rushing too much.


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