So Tired!

So…dinner was truly lovely with my boys! One is leaving for his wife and the U.K. tomorrow night…the other is here a while longer but missing his collie who had to stay at home…he is very sad about her because he says he is no longer her number one…she is more in sync with his housemate…who is with her all of the time…but…when we finally let the girls out of confinement…he was happier! Roxie flew through the house in leaps and bounds. Den caught her mid jump when she tried to jump on the table! Lucy just circled the downstairs trying to herd us to bed and them to their car…yelling the entire time! We were all in hysterics at their antics! My girls!

Today was Hair Day! The one hour and one minute drive to Skippack to get those nasty grays blended away…my stylist chopped off about 3 inches from the back but it’s longer on the sides…sort of a long bobbed bob!
So…up early…not back home until after 3:30…long day yesterday…we are exhausted…I am not leaving this house tomorrow!
Starting this! It’s a sweet tiny little book! Teeny tiny! Itty bitty!
So tired…Benedryl now and Dramamine this morning! I fell asleep in the car on the way home!
Til’ tomorrow!



12 thoughts on “So Tired!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Glad your dinner was a success! Staying ahead of the grays is a time-consuming (and expensive!) battle… not sure I'll ever be ready to give up, lol. I added Like Family to my wish list last week. It sounds really good:)


  2. Stefanie says:

    Your hair looks terrific. It always feels good to get one's hair did. My little one wants to dip dye her ends in Kool Aid. Your cats are certainly full of personality. They usually have free rein of the house, yeah? My friend up in Novato has two shelter cats after the last of her original tabbies passed away. They stay in the master bedroom which is huge and even have their outdoor balcony which is netted off so they don't jump off the railing. At the old house, they used to have their own room. Many friends and family are allergic to cat fur so that's why they don't get free rein.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love my hair stylist! Oh, yeah, she is my daughter…LOL. Yours looks great…I was thinking of a bob longer on the sides…but decided to wait.

    So glad your dinner was a success, and I know how exhausting it can be. Even though it's been years since I did it…LOL.

    Your kitties could put on a show…they are hilarious.


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