Short…Sweet…Yet A Long Day!

This has been such a frenzied week…and we almost forgot that the chimney cleaner/chimney capper was coming today. I believed Den when he told me that no one needed to be inside the house…everything was going to be done from the outside. Hah! I should have known better because everything was done from inside…except for the chimney cap which they forgot to bring. They covered everything but still…all I wanted to do was start getting all of my Santas out…but that didn’t happen…the girls and I stayed upstairs marooned and barricaded in our room. Den brought us lunch and a root beer and a candy cane…to make up for his transgressions. It wasn’t nearly enough. No Santas came out today and the chimney boys still have to come back! The builder did not want to put a cap on our chimney for esthetic reasons but we are really tired of rescuing birds! At least every few weeks we hear flapping and we have to catch the bird in a net and get him outside…it sounds easy but Den uses a mirror and my wooden spoons to try to herd the bird out and into the net. My job is to open the sunroom door so he can let the bird fly away! Then the spoons get stuck in the fireplace somewhere but they got vacuumed out today! Ick!
So…since I was stuck upstairs with the girls I finished this sweet sad lovely little book.
Now I am reading this…two sisters, Facebook, email and a ton of dysfunction! Yum!
I love that it’s after nine and I am just now blogging!
Nighty Night!


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