A Post About Nothing…

I swear parts of that title came from an old Seinfeld show? Ti, help me out here!

I am doing nothing today, nada, zip, nothing! Well, nothing other than playing with Roxie, reading, and watching Season Three of the BBC’s Luther…which is really freaky.

This is what I am reading and it’s good…it’s about two sisters who are very different…and rarely keep in touch with each other. They decide to use snail mail to stay in touch more. The letters seem to give each sister the strength needed to deal with certain issues but somehow one sister goofs and the letters end up on the Internet. Uh oh…

So…other than that…I “got nothin”…
Have a great week end and unless I pop in…I will see you on Monday!


7 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing…

  1. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    “A Post about Nothing” brought back to mind a Seinfeld's episode. Jerry was trying to get a network to launch a sitcom based on him and his friends. But, really the show isn't “about” anything. It is “A Show About Nothing”. Ha!
    Now, where can I get that book?


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