Stay Safe Out There!

This is how I found myself last night…it appears as though Roxie and I are snuggled and safe while Lucy watches over us. The contented look on Roxie’s face…is so precious to me…Lucy checked us both and then she fell asleep, too. They both smell so good…lavender and my perfume and Den’s cologne…all mixed together on them…they seriously always smell heavenly.

I don’t really think about the year ending…I just kind of like to blend into the new year…I like to cook tons of good luck foods…we are having greens and black eyed pea salad and a roast of pork and braised cabbage. We are eating 12 grapes each to help us be prosperous in the new year…and that’s it…we are eating little bites of lobster salad, shrimp and lobster claws for lunch tomorrow…I can’t eat any more good luck than that!
Have a safe and lovely time tonight!



12 thoughts on “Stay Safe Out There!

  1. Melissa Lee says:

    Oh that is so sweet how they sleep with you. Isn't it so cute watching them sleep? My little boy has to sleep at the end of the bed either between my legs or across my feet.

    Happy new year to you!


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