I Did Not Deserve This!

Ok…I chipped my front tooth on a lobster claw today! I am so sad! I am obsessive about my teeth! I brush…I floss…I whiten! I wore braces twice! Wires and rubber bands once and Invisalign once! I am forever checking my teeth! And now I did the worst thing ever…I am sooooo sad! Seriously!

I have an emergency email as well as a phone call in to Dr.Cummings and I am praying that he can see me and fix me ASAP! Or else I can never smile again? I am so careful…but one slip and I messed up my mouth! Oh woe is me…I have been sad all day!

See these teeth? Forever changed! There is a ding in the bottom of one of them!

Just finished this…soooo good! English, drama, dysfunction and an evil stepmother! I loved every word. It kind of meanders back and forth in time…but in a good way…a real way.
I already changed my mind about what I am reading next…I think this might be YA…boarding school is mentioned!
Happy first day of 2016!
Sadly…because of my dinged front tooth…



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