Santa Knows Me Well…

I have begged for…yearned for…plotted over…schemed about…this book. I have been promised it and yet it never came…but…thanks to Santa…I finally have it and it’s mine all mine and it’s beautiful and I love it!

I asked for this book, too, a really special cookbook!

Just to rest everyone’s minds about my tooth divet…Heeheehee…I actually think it’s a piece of bonding…and not my tooth. I will be camped out in Dr. Cummings parking lot on Monday morning so I will know more then…

Happy Saturday!



11 thoughts on “Santa Knows Me Well…

  1. Stefanie says:

    I just saw this book today at Barnes & Noble. I loved the Hugo movie. My 8 year old's librarian told me about the books as I didn't know they were stories through illustrations. That is amazing.


  2. June says:

    Sorry to hear about your tooth. I did that last year. Thank goodness you don't have to go to work! I noticed the cover of The Marvals right away.Fascinating. Is it YA?


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