Joys And Disappointments…Sigh!

First of all…joys!

Loved this quirky book! Funny, different and unique…

Loved this Atlanta based crime drama…
Seeing the dentist tomorrow about my tooth catastrophic event…I think it’s a joy but not totally sure…
I really did not love this book although lots of other people loved it…I wanted this book more than anything but it felt flat…for me…
Getting ready to read this…from Amazon…a thriller that involves a missing autistic boy…
I have put off hitting the treadmill for hours so I am on my way to hit it…hard.
How are you spending your day today? I spent an hour talking to a realtor in Charlottsville, VA…looking at houses and finding out what the area is like. At least I know that a Wegman’s is being built there and we can take a train to anywhere!
Off to work out!


5 thoughts on “Joys And Disappointments…Sigh!

  1. Stefanie says:

    How exciting to work toward a new house. I need a treadmill sometimes. It's been raining on and off here so I don't run but I need to do something. I guess I have to hunt down my fitness DVD's.


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