All Better Now!

I love Dr. Cummings! He is sweet and gentle and professional and excellent at his craft! I am fixed! I will never ever ever bite a lobster claw again! Ever! I may never eat anything crunchy…ever again!

Please excuse the close up but there was a sizable divot between my two front teeth…but look at my teeth now! Don’t mind my messy hair…I am not flat ironing it every day…


Sort of reading both of these…

And this is up next…from Amazon…

“A tapestry of guilt and acceptance, growing responsibility, and reluctant heroism, Hanneke’s coming-of-age under heartbreaking circumstances is a jarring reminder of how war consumes and transforms the passions of ordinary life. Every devastating moment of this beautiful novel is both poignant and powerful, and every word feels true.” -Elizabeth Wein, New York Times bestselling author of Code Name Verity…

Have a joyous Tuesday…we are trying out an Amazon Firestick later today…Den and I are both very curious about it!


10 thoughts on “All Better Now!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Great job on the teeth! I also am curious about the Firestick. I can access most of the things I want to view through my Blu-Ray.

    Enjoy your books…and your hair looks fine…a little messy is a good thing, I've heard. LOL


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