It’s A Spicy Chicken Soup Kind Of Day!

See this lump? This lump is Den. Poor Den. He thinks he has a scratchy throat and a stuffy head! He needs soup! Powerful homemade chicken soup to help him mend.

See this smiling girl? This is Patty. She feels great! She will make the spicy chickeny soup that will help Den mend. Den will owe Patty! I love this part of my story! Heeheehee…this has a bit of a cackle added to it!

Reading this…it’s about an aging in itinerant newsreader…I am not even sure what that is…anyway…he is hired to take a little girl back to her family after she has been raised by the Kiowa Tribe. Moral questions arise when he delivers her to her family. This book takes place around the time of the Civil War.

Other stuff…


We just bought this cute little tiny slow cooker yesterday! It only holds two quarts and our plan is to use it to make porridge…well really oatmeal…the Irish kind…but I live saying porrrrrrrridge…every night! Then we will have hot porridge every morning! This little pot is soooo cute!

Off to make soup!

Have a great day!



8 thoughts on “It’s A Spicy Chicken Soup Kind Of Day!

  1. Stefanie says:

    Sorry Den is under the weather; hope he kicks that damn bug to the wayside soon. For sore throats, I make hot water and add honey, juice of half a lemon, 2 tbsp vinegar, and a dash of cinnamon to it. It helps. I've read on Pinterest a hot bath w/Epsom salts in it helps detox the body. Haven't tried that yet tho. A hot toddy also is supposed to help with sweating out toxins.


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