Just Stuff…

Yesterday…Ina’s soup helped everyone’s stuffiness.

We could not get our Amazon Firestick set up at all! We continue to get an error message saying that we are not connected to the Internet! But we are!
This month I am really into Korean Skin Products…from this website…Refinery
Lip balm…I love this container!
Steel cut oats made overnight in this tiny little slow cooker were amazing!
Reading this…it’s magical and reminds me just a teeny bit of Deborah Harkness’s work…in a good way.
Finished this…a short little book that was really good…Captain Kidd…a 70 year old who was taking Johanna to live with her aunt and uncle after she had been raised by the Kiowa…was my hero…I knew this book would be a little sad and it was but it was really good, too. Their relationship was endearing.
Off to tidy this messy house! Or…off to see Joy!
Have a good one!




14 thoughts on “Just Stuff…

  1. Patty Magyar says:

    I think yes…everything we own is connected to the internet and we've tried the stick on both Smart TV's. We can't get on at all in the family room and we get on but kicked off in our bedroom.


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