End Of The Week Stuff…

The FireStick is up and running! So far!

Here is how life works. We have been on the phone…for over an hour each time…no less than three separate times this week…about this Firestick which is supposed to make life easier. We revamped our week this week because after talking to the elite group of Tier Two Techs at Comcast…twice…they wanted to send a tech here today between 9 and12…to fix us. But of course…and I bet you know where this is going…there was no appointment ever made by Comcast. Apparently Tier Two Techs know how to promise appointments but they just don’t know how to actually make the appointments. Anyway…a fresh new Tier Two Tech fixed us over the phone…again…so far…we are good. It’s all about the Firmware, people! Sigh!

Too funny! Sigh!


Have you ever chosen a book…which shall not be named…that was so graphic about certain things that you absolutely could not read it? But…everyone else who has read it loves it? It’s not even a book like Shades or anything like that…it’s real literature but I can’t read it! What to do? It’s making me feel really badly. Sigh!

Den is still feeling poorly and still talking about how poorly he feels…sigh!

We haven’t really done anything wonderful or fun or cool this week. We were going to see Joy BUT it’s only showing in Fork and Screen where you can’t put your feet up…no leg rests. And…nothing good is showing in Cinema Suites where there are leg rests…I am never going to see Sisters, Revenant or the other cowboy one by Quentin Tarrantino. Sigh!

Plus Den has asked me if I would refrain from buying anything in January which is fine with me because I have not even put my Christmas stuff away…and I never buy anything in January anyway so he shouldn’t even ask me! Sigh!

How many days are left in January? Sigh!

I love my Christmas bag…but I love cross body bags. This one converts to a clutch, too!

And all of this stuff fits inside…it’s awesome!
Okie dokie…I am off to not buy anything!
Unless my life gets more exciting…I won’t be back until Monday. This week has been a week of tons of new ebooks and not ebooks…tons of awesome new titles…that’s why the book I can’t read has me rattled because I actually thought I wanted to read it…sigh!
Have a lovely exciting and diversified week end! I think I need a trip!
Hugs from Patty



4 thoughts on “End Of The Week Stuff…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I'm very curious about that book too! Inquiring minds want to know! If Carl told me not to buy anything it would make me want to buy everything!

    So what does the Firestick do? Is it worth all the hassle?


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