Well…everyone is home from incredibly long flights and freezing cold weather in Minnesota and this little family unit is intact again!

The girls missed Den…it’s really funny because when he is gone…they sleep on either side of me in our big bed but when he is home…they seem to tuck themselves into their own cozy beds.

We are relaxing today…binge watching TV… I am making Den’s requests today for lunch and dinner…which means these for lunch…Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches from RecipeDiaries.
Slow cooker Enchilada Soup from Crockpot Gourmet for dinner.
Dessert! These! These are made from Greek Yogurt! 120 calories! A bar!
This book is totally engrossing and disturbing. Helen and Eleanor are twins…5 year old twins. They want to fool their mom for a day and pretend to be each other. Ellie is a mess…messy hair, chewed collar tees, not good in school and has no friends. Helen…smoothly braided hair, lots of friends, smart in school and the fave of their mother. Helen is even dressed differently…princess dresses that are never bought for messy Ellie. But after one day of being Helen…Ellie refuses to switch back and when no one believes the real Helen…she becomes more and more Ellie like and stays that way even when they are grown up. How can this happen?
Up next?
Have a great week end! See you on Monday!



6 thoughts on “Reunited…

  1. DMS says:

    So glad the family is reunited! I bet Den is happy to be out of the freezing cold. 🙂 That dessert looks really tasty for a low calorie treat. 🙂


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