So…It’s Monday!

Lots of football over the week end meant lots of reading! I loved it!

Finished this…sweet, sad, thought provoking…really an insight into early onset Alzheimer’s…really a beautiful book.

Finished this…love this series…fast paced…kind of a cranky heroine…this one involved a creepy manipulator with an online presence…who talks teenagers who are bullied into committing suicide in front of a webcam. Then he sells these filmed suicides.
Reading this…from Amazon…
Sure to thrill readers of Jenny Milchman, Linda Castillo, and Lisa Gardner, The Girls She Left Behind marks the return of ex–Boston homicide detective Lizzie Snow, the new sheriff’s deputy in Maine’s Great North Woods.
We still have our Christmas tree up! So…today is “Take Down Monday”. Bins are up from the basement and we aren’t stopping until the house is cleared of Christmas!
It is freezing cold here! We are supposed to have 8 to 12 inches of snow later this week. I can’t wait!
What are you up to today?


6 thoughts on “So…It’s Monday!

  1. Stefanie says:

    OMGosh, our tree is still up too. It was all about husband's sprained ankle this past weekend. The second book is so creepy. It reminds me of the booth paying respects to those young children who committed suicide because of bullying at the Day of the Dead exhibit.


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