Time to pop these babies on…in the house! I think the cold feels colder right now!

I love these from Sundance…and now I have quite a collection! I have been waiting to wear them!

And I get to wear my faux fur scarf…finally! This one is from Soft Surroundings and is on sale!
But I really want this faux fur vest! Most likely the kitties will confiscate it! This one is from Love, Kuza! I am secretly waiting for a sale!
Finished this…but it has a book before it…featuring the same ex Boston police woman…Lizzie Snow…now moved to Maine. I loved this book but wished I would have read the first one first. It’s a sort of cozy mystery. And they seem to take place in a wintery Maine rather than a summery one.
Reading this now…so far so good…
Today calls for soup…I am making soup today!
Stay warm…




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