Nighty Night!

Such a long day today…hair appointments that involve 3 hours of driving…round trip…a stop at Nordstrom’s to return Christmas stuff…a stop at Shake Shack for their new Chicken Shack Sandwich and a Chocolate Malt…yum!

Than a quick stop at Trader Joe’s to grab some blizzard groceries…gloom and doom about our snow amounts this weekend! Yikes!
Reading this…historical fiction…mystery…two quirky detectives…so good and very addictive!
So tired!
Nighty Night!


11 thoughts on “Nighty Night!

  1. jan6toshmello says:

    I love Nordstroms, I haven't been to one for 4 years, which was the last time I was with my family in California. Most Canadians love to shop in the US. Hope you are battened down for the snow coming!


  2. Stefanie says:

    Anything fried is tasty. That's a long way to go out for your hair. I've gotten cheaper with haircuts. I used to pay over a Ben Franklin, then it went down to $65-$75, then to $45, and now I only get charged $20 + a $5 tip. I love saving and told the husband I'm saving him $100-$150 a year now.


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