But I really love snow…but I really want snow…but I don’t want to lose power. Today and tomorrow we are sort of making sure that gadgets are charged, the generator is ready, the snowblower is primed and we have stuff to eat without having too much stuff in the refrigerator. It’s so cold that we can put milk and juice in the garage or on the deck…so that’s good. And the weather people around here are not to be trusted. They make everyone believe that this snow will be the worst ever and then we get nothing and they never bother to apologize! All we get are empty bread shelves everywhere. I think we got the last loaf of good bread today and paid a small fortune for it.


Right now the sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside. Snow isn’t going to happen until Friday night…and continue all day on Saturday. We will just wait and see…

Finished this…seriously good…I love this kind of historical fictional mystery. Blake and Avery…hired to find out who is committing these gruesome murders of printers. I love poor little shoeless Matty…discovering the body of one printer and giving up answers for a “cuppa and a thin”…I think that is tea or coffee and buttered bread. And getting William’s money back for buying what looks like a luscious beautiful orange. But Matty knows it’s been filled with boiling water to make it look juicy. This series is good!

Up next…
Making a yummy roasted chicken for dinner…from Sheet Pan Suppers…
New coloring book…I bought it because of the cat!
Stay warm and dry! We hope to!



10 thoughts on “But…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    They're saying we might ice tomorrow and then snow tomorrow night. They're wrong so often, I don't know what to believe. The roads better be fine by Sunday because I'm going to see my mom!


  2. DMS says:

    I need to try one of those coloring books! Good luck with the winter storm, it is not going to be as bad here, but maybe between 5-8 inches. The Infidel Stain has a wicked cool cover. 🙂


  3. Stefanie says:

    I hope the east coast storm wasn't bad for you. You sold me on the British mystery series. I've added the first book to my TBR. I haven't tried an adult coloring book yet, probably b/c I'm still juggling everything else.


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