All Stocked Up? Or Random Buying?

The lull before the storm…

Ok…we hit Weggieman’s (Wegman’s) this morning at around 10 ish…armed with a list. We have batteries, flashlights, head lamps and everything we own is being charged including back up Chargers, old iPads and Game Boys. Colored pencils are sharpened…books are stacked. I have a list of piercing questions ready for Den in case we get tired of games, books and coloring by candlelight.

Our list of foods include cans of Italian tuna (Lucy’s fave), jello cups, cottage cheese, triscuits, wheat thins, hummus, Philadelphia Cream Cheese Garden Veggie Dip, fresh crisp green peppers, carrots, celery, bread, peanut butter, Bone Broth (for nourishment), and two mini raspberry tarts…I wanted to make chicken soup but Wegman’s had no chicken! No chicken? What is happening to my world?

I don’t think it will ever stop snowing! This is my world right now…

The girls refuse to leave their heated beds…Lucy is even tolerating Roxie in hers!
Finishing this…it’s really good…
Ready for this…doesn’t this look good?
And this…I need fantasy for this snowy weekend…love this cover!
Ok…so if all my friends everywhere just said these words…
I will pop in tomorrow with a snow update! I hope!



12 thoughts on “All Stocked Up? Or Random Buying?

  1. Patty Magyar says:

    Stephanie…yes…the cats love their beds. Those are all hand carved wooden watermelons from all over the country…all the places where we have lived. I have baskets of smaller ones, too. I collected them for the longest time.


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